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Damien Mitchell's Exhibition Preview

Damien M was born on the 27th of October, 1985 and instantly achieved greatness, a fact which he continues to demonstrate to his doting public at every occasion - so pay attention.

Now what else?

What did you do?
Ummmm... I take my dog for walks.

He's making crazy stencils with spray paint and vinyl records, magic marker dots and overhead projectors.

He's also shunted into a fast track of making clocks from vinyl records and clocks, watch out for these on the scene starting now.

Large walls submit to the wrath of his roller brushes, the deception of false cardboard walls; confused by skills at invisibility the local constabulary finds itself stumped and dismissed.

Stencil topics are trams, his dog, famous individuals such as Jesus and Richard Nixon, and Gorilla heads from his art conception Guerrilla Gallery.

Guerrilla Gallery is the Damien Mitchell of art galleries. Shut-up, don't ask questions you dimwit, just go there.

Big sister Jane was a major influence in his life, together with her busload of friends appearing on the Australian homestead to surprise young Damien and family.

He grew up in a motel in Wagga Wagga Australia and moved away at a young age to dodge a grim future pulling stumps out from under houses or something.

Now he spends his time making art, promoting himself shamelessly and to no end, playing with f9 spacebar band, and writing porn subtitles on the internet.

It's not about the money or the fame; it's about having a good time. If your art doesn't get you there, then what's the point of it?

Damien can be reached at and

He is available for installations in your club, lounge, gallery, wall and home.

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