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Maxi Mojito


Mojito have always been a favorite one, especially when you can share it with your friends and get your party started

Maxi Cuba Libre


Refreshing combination of rum and coke, this legendary drink had stood the test of the time and continues to be enjoyed by millions of consumers around the world

Gin & Tonic XXL


Dutch are credited for originating the drink, British can lay claim for shortening the name to gin. But it’s Orange Bar who currently hold bragging rights for
preparing the biggest Gin & Tonic in town

Extra Long Island Ice Tea


Let us to mix you the highest alcohol concentration in one cube, as we don’t know the beginning of this drink, we don’t know the end of your night


Haštalská 15
Praha 1
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Daily 17:00-02:00

For more information contact us at, for a table reservation drop us a message at or call + 420 737540554,
+420 737540554,

Orange Bar
Invoice details:

IČ: 04044606
sídlem Hastalska 755/15,
Praha 1 - Stare Mesto, 110 00

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